Conquer Jili Super Ace Jackpot Game for Card Lovers

Conquer Jili Super Ace Jackpot Game for Card Lovers

Conquer Jili Super Ace Jackpot Game for Card Lovers

Jili Super Ace is on the list of the most popular prize-winning jackpot games today. The game brings a familiar and new feeling with many unique icons and modern features. If you are looking for a healthy entertainment game, try exploring this version of slot machine.

Some details about the game Jili super ace

Jili super ace is a super prize-winning betting product inspired by the Tu Lo Kho deck. Here, red and black fans can burn their hearts out with passion and many great rewards.

This game takes players into a magical world with the theme of vividly simulated cards, abstract backgrounds, and unique illustrations. What is impressive about this slot version is the ability to access the Free Spins game. You only need 3 scatter symbols to open this interesting feature.

This is an opportunity to increase the reward to x2 compared to the original bet. Every time you shoot Jili super ace, you experience every level of emotion, from suspense, adventure, anticipation to bursting with victory. This is not only a regular entertainment game but it also brings many interesting and uplifting experiences.

The distinct advantages of the Jili super ace jar exploding version

In this version of spinning the jackpot to exchange prizes with lucky cards, the publisher has improved many interesting things for members to experience:

  • The game has 4 horizontal rows combined with 5 vertical rows and a total of 1024 paylines, giving players a higher chance of winning.
  • The payout mechanism is that there must be 3 identical symbols appearing on the same payline, calculated from left to right.
  • After the end of the bonus round, all winning symbols will disappear and the player will make a new hand. The way to calculate the bonus in this game is no different: bonus amount = bet amount x bonus rate x number of paylines.
  • There are many unique symbols such as the four classic decks of cards along with the big cards J, Q, K and A. Each symbol will have a yellow version that appears between the 3 reels, if discarded, this version will be removed. will turn into a Wild card,
  • The highest reward multiplier in the game reaches an impressive number of 1500X, creating excitement and stimulating players to conquer. You can experience the game when you first bet with low volatility, enjoy the thrill of continuous winning, and the excitement of seizing the opportunity to win billions in Jackpot.
  • JILI Super Ace Slot Machine guarantees to bring green, transparent, and safe results to all bettors. This game is suitable for everyone, including rookies and professional betting fans.

The special feature system in Jili super ace needs to be understood clearly

The special feature system in Jili super ace needs to be understood clearly

The special feature system in Jili super ace needs to be understood clearly

In this game, the publisher has integrated many special features. To have quality spins, bettors need to clearly understand the important information below:

Poker Hoang Kim

Poker Hoang Kim has a blue clown hat symbol, note that they only appear in horizontal rows 2, 3 and 4. The special feature of Poker Hoang Kim is to change to Poker if eliminated – symbol yellow clown hat.


As shared in the above content, the Joker symbol is only opened in case Hoang Kim Poker is eliminated. At this time, the Jili super ace system will divide this symbol into two types: big devil and little devil.

If Great Demons appear, they can transform themselves into other symbols to help players achieve victory.

The Little Devil is a symbol with similar features to the Wild. This means that the little devil can replace all other symbols in the game, also helping bettors achieve high wins but does not count Scatter.

Eliminate multiplication

Eliminating multiples is a symbol in this with an upward arrow, accompanied by symbols x1, x2, x3, x5. Every time symbols are destroyed and a win is created, the player’s winnings are multiplied according to the system shown above.

Scatter feature

If after the turn you collect all 3 Scatters, the system will give you 10 more free spins. While making these free spins, Triet Tieu Nhan Boi’s reward system is still multiplied, that is x2, x4, x6 and x10 times the bet.

The rules for Multiplier Elimination in free spins are still the same as in regular pot spins. However, if you get 3 more Scatters in this free spin, you will only receive a maximum of 5 more free spins.

Payout table in Jili super ace jackpot game

In addition to the special symbols mentioned above, game still has all the basic payout coefficients similar to regular jackpot games. All the bookmakers apply to all later improved versions, specifically as follows:

  • The house will pay the player x0.5 to x2.5 times the bet if they hit symbol A.
  • The house will pay the player x0.4 to x2 times the bet if he lands on King.
  • The house will pay the player the lowest reward of x0.3 and the highest of x1.5 times the bet if the Q card is drawn.
  • The house will pay the player a reward of x0.2 and a maximum of x1 times the bet if they hit Card J.
  • The house will pay the player a reward from x0.1 to x0.5 times the bet if they hit the suit of Spades and Hearts.
  • The dealer will pay the player a reward from x0.05 to x0.25 times the bet if they hit the cards of Diamonds and Blackjack.

Instructions on how to access and play Jili super ace online

Instructions on how to access and play Jili super ace online

Instructions on how to access and play Jili super ace online

Currently, there are many bookmakers offering this popular version of the lottery, you need to choose a reputable address to be safe when betting.

  • Step 1: Choose the correct link of a reputable bookmaker to register as a member and deposit bets.
  • Step 2: Access the Jackpot category => select game and place a bet, press start to experience the spins. Be sure to carefully read the requirements and reward levels specified by that playground.
  • Step 3: If you spin the paylines with the same symbols, the system will pay a prize and continue the new spin.

The secret to playing Jili Super Ace for prizes for newbies

To optimize your chances of winning the jackpot and spinning high-paying symbols in this game, please cultivate and apply the following experiences:

Calculation in gameplay

First, you need to determine the amount of capital you spend because there are many payment lines that cannot be bet all at once. According to expert calculations, you should invest in rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 19, 20 which have a high probability of exploding the pot. If you have enough finances, of course you can still bet everything to get a higher reward rate.

Do not choose the Jili super ace room that is too crowded

When choosing a slot room with too many people participating, the odds of the jackpot exploding will be higher. However, each pot will have a certain preset rate, so if you choose rooms with few people, your chances of winning the pot will be higher. According to experts’ experience playing Jili super ace taya777, midnight is when the experts show off their talents.

Tips to increase your win rate

Tips to increase your win rate

Tips to increase your win rate

The trick to playing the Jili super ace jackpot game to increase your odds of winning is to research the halls. If you are new to learning and want to play free and big jackpots, take the time to research this version of the game halls. Participate directly to learn more about the rules and gain experience for yourself. Surely when you become proficient, the odds of losing bets will be significantly reduced.

How to play Jili super ace is not difficult, it is similar to other jackpot versions. However, when you experience it, you will feel much more interesting and attractive. So please visit to discover the new things that the publisher is integrating in this explosive version.

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